The Straight of Hormuz




A human link to break all kinds of division

The Strait of Hormuz has been famous for a long time as a place of troubles. It settles between Oman and Iran, two Islamic countries with single and strong identities. Both are from the same root: Islam; but, because of the strategic location and the strait border, they are two different states! Therefore, designing this bridge is a big chance to change this picture. Usually, a bridge links two different lands with two different cultures. When there is difference, there is division and when there is division, there is conflict!

So how can we get rid of this division and make this two states as one?

I propose to connect these two countries with two cultural identities with one of the main recognizable figure of Islam: the Crescent. It represents the new moon in the Islamic Lunar calendar and it is the first day of the month of Ramadan. The Crescent is considered as the symbol of new beginning. Moreover it is also the representation in occidental countries of the moon and the night. And at night, when everybody is sleeping, there’s only room for peace and quietness!

To do more than a simple physical link by building a bridge, it is important to lose the feelings of borders to be eliminated, the division to be cut and the people to be smoothly connected. Metaphorically the bridge will use the human as a stone for its foundation, which gives a very practical usage of space and allows an innovative construction that creates a dynamic metropolis and a source of green energy. This city represents a human bridge with no differences nor a division, just one single entity to forget the past troubles in the Strait of Hormuz to create a new beginning without a border between Oman and Iran.

The city grows under the bridge to protect the inhabitants of the strong sunshine. This nice landscape travelling crescent sets in this smooth curve will be the city of quietness, pollution-free and eco-friendly. The road on the top is totally separate to the building level. The solar panel and the wind turbines will convert the strong sunshine and the wind into the main sources of energy supply. A green network of public transport link all the building together and with the rest of the country. Some sky-garden take place inside the towers aims at cooling the building, giving a green aesthetics and creating a natural landscapes for rest and relaxation.

So who wants to get a room in this city, who wants to be part of this New Beginning?





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